A Reader in Arizona

This book opened my eyes. First-century worship had none of the doctrines, dogmas, creeds of denominations.  Neither did the reformation return to first-century worship. Denominations kept some of Catholicism and each one added certain of their own. All the men of the early Reformation Movement would marvel at the changes in denominations in only 150 years.  Some of their denominations would ostracise even their founders.  Spurgeon could not work in a Baptist church now.  The Wesleys, similarly, would find their hymns intended for singing are now drowned out by everything from organs to drums and orchestras.

The author hits at the roots of each area according to the nine listed in her table of contents from the entitlement-minded folks of our day to problems with prayer.  From the “lost” Lord’s Supper to the music of worldly entertainment.  And from the purpose and essential elements of baptism to the free will giving versus legalistic Old Testament giving.

Perhaps one has to experience first-century worship to fully appreciate how much it blesses God and, in turn, the worshipper.  The scriptures quoted in this book will prepare one for this experience and allow it to be fully appreciated.  The tired or seeking Christian may gain release from the tyranny of denominations’ traditions that don’t reflect the Bible way.

You should read this book for its history and detailed explanations and for its inspiration.  You may better understand the truth that will set you free (Jn 8:32). Pick up Worship the First-Century Way and reap the pleasure of doing it according to God’s Will and Way alone.

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