A preacher in Zimbabwe

I have seen your post about free books. Please help the church here in the remote areas of Zimbabwe to get some copies. P!ease help. 

Thank you for accepting my request. May God bless you.  I will try by all means to print it. Thank you. You are so kind-hearted.  I wish to print them on A5 paper size.  10 point type is best.

I do preach in the rural side and most remote areas of my country. The congregants can hardly afford a Bible, only one Bible the whole congregation so if we managed to print this copy, it will add and aid to our literature and help me a lot.

I used to pick up some English tracts and reproduce them in Shona, this was helpful. It only lasted a few months, my printer died as it was not a heavy duty machine. Since then, l never got a chance to repair it or buy another. I am good at interpreting but lack resources. My passion is to help our people in their own language.

Thank you so much.


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