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If you would like to worship as the apostles did, this book is for you. It was dynamic in its simplicity.

Do you take for granted that the founders of major Christian denominations would approve of the way your denomination worships today? Find numerous quotes from them at the beginning of each chapter on various forms of worship we engage in.

Do you take for granted that second-century apostolic fathers worshiped the same way your congregation worships today? You will find at the end of each chapter quotations from these early Christian leaders in the 2nd and 3rd centuries about what they approved of and did not approve of in Christian worship.

Do you take for granted that the way your congregation worshiped is pretty much the same as Christian worship has been since Jesus’ apostles began the church? Numerous scriptures are quoted throughout each chapter in order to help the reader know what God wants in worship to him.

Yes, we are worshiping God, not ourselves. Cain’s sin was that he worshiped to please himself. Are we a Cain or an Abel? In this book, every form of Christian worship common today is reviewed. Is your worship unbalanced with so much of one thing that it chokes out other ways that please God?

This book ends with an appeal that is applicable also to the other book in this two-book series: Can the denominational world unite? Pagan religions and atheism are trying to take hold around the globe and to choke out Christianity. Divided we fall. United we stand. Let us go forward! Back to the first century.


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